Coming Soon: Multiplayer Tournaments

If you’re looking for action, you’ve come to the right place! WoDuels multiplayer tournaments offer intense non-stop gaming action in all of your favorite games. And the best part? You can win money playing your favorite games with no monthly fee!

WoDuels offers multiplayer tournament mode in all of our current provided games. As a registered WoDueler you can play:

⦁ Overwatch 
⦁ Rocket League 
⦁ FIFA 19
⦁ Fortnite
⦁ FIFA 18
⦁ League of Legends
⦁ Hearthstone

Play your friends or join a public multiplayer tournament. Plau best of 3 or whatever tournament variant you please. With WoDuels multiplayer tournaments, the opportunities are endless!

Challenge Your Friends with WoDuels Multiplayer Tournaments

Challenging your friends to multiplayer tournaments is simple with WoDuels. If you’re looking to challenge friends, start by logging into your WoDuels account. Go to the Duel Arena. Select the “private” multiplayer tournament option. Then scroll through your friend list and select your desired opponents. Your friends must be in your friend list to challenge them so if they’re not listed, add them in order to challenge them for a multiplayer tournament.

If you wish to start a public multiplayer tournament, go to the Duel Arena. Click the “public” option and await your opponents. If you wish to join a public multiplayer tournament, go to the Duel Arena and choose from the myriad of public multiplayer tournaments.

Earn Money Playing Multiplayer Tournaments

Winning money playing multiplayer tournaments has never been easier. With WoDuels you can place bets on multiplayer tournaments. The winner takes home the prize and the loser pays up. Just deposit your desired amount you would like to bet into your WoDuels account.

For more information on all of WoDuels rules and regulations, visit our FAQ page.

We wish you the very best of luck on your first multiplayer tournament!