The following is for PC only. If you wish to record for:

How to record your game with your PC


  1. Download and install the version that is right for your OS on

  2. Launch OBS.
    Choose not to use the auto-configuration wizard (You can always use it the wizard later if you would like to)

  3. Open File > Settings
    Or click on the Settings button to the bottom right

  4. First, click on the Output tab.

    Choose a folder to save your recording.
    Better be on a hard drive with a little bit of extra free space.

  5. Then, switch to the Video tab

    Set the output (Scaled) resolution on 852X480

    Set the downscale filter to “Bicubic (Shapened scaling, 16 samples)”
    Change the common FPS values to 30
    And press Apply.

  6. Now, let’s set some hotkeys for recording.

    You can choose whichever you would like,

    However, we recommend those as easy to access and remember.

    Alt+R Starts and Stops Recording.

    Press Apply and OK

  7. Now back on OBS main screen click on the plus icon under the Sources list and choose Game Capture.

  8. Press OK on the next two pop ups and you are ready to go and accept your first duel.

  9. Enter the settings once more.
  10. Alt+R to start recording

  11. That’s it, you’re on! The duel is being recorded and we are rooting for your honorable win!

    When finished playing press  Alt+R to stop recording.

    Wishing you much luck on your duels!

    For any question feel free to contact support at [email protected].