The following is for PS4 only. If you wish to stream for:

How to record and upload your game with your PS4


Recording your gameplay is important, because in the event that you are accused of cheating, or have encountered a cheater, you will need to send us video proof of the gameplay




  1. Make sure to have and USB stick that your ps4 recognizes. 

  2. From the PS4 menu, Go to "settings"- go to "sharing and broadcasts" and make sure video length is set to 30 minutes or more:



 3.  When you start your Duel, double tap the share button on the left of your controller to start recording. Once the duel is over, double tap on the share button to end recording 

4. Go to "Capture gallery" and select your video clip.

5. Press on the "options" button on your controller and select "copy to usb Storage device":


6. You are all done, your video file is now on your USB storage ! If you are requested to upload video footage or proof of victory, you will be able to find it easily in your USB storage. 





  1. The first thing you want to do is setup a Twitch account (make sure it is linked to your PSN).

  2. Make sure your videos are archived: On Twitch, go to your Dashboard. At the bottom of the left menu, you will see “Settings/channel”. In steam preferences, make sure to check the box “Store Past broadcasts”:
    PS4 Twitch Settings

  3. Enter a game on your ps4 and press the share button:

  4. Select Twitch as the service you want to broadcast on:

  5. Once you are finished with your game click the share button again to end your broadcast.

  6. Go to your Twitch account and under “video producer/Videos” click “watch”:

  7. Once on the video, simply copy the URL. Than go to the duel page, click on “report duel” and paste the copied URL in the comment field, with a brief description if you wish: