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World of Duels
Add spice to your game
no need to be a pro
to make cash
Ranked based matchmaking for
1v1 Duels
Daily cash tournaments
Daily Quests for prizes
fully automated app
You download our app, we do the rest!

We will match you with opponents of the same rank as you based on your LoL account data and once the duel is over, our app knows who won instantly. No more declaring, no more waiting, just play and earn coins instantly !
fully automated tournaments
We know you all love tournaments, but most are not ranked based and definitely not automated. With us, even Bronzes have a chance at winning cash! We run tournaments based on ranks and results are instantly and automatically updated.
advanced matchmaking
Our app matches you with opponents of the same in-game rank as you. With our technology, you are sure to have a fair fight and more enjoyable tournaments. Woduels allows for even casual layers to make some cash
fast cashouts
Our technology allows you to withdraw your winnings with one click. You can choose cash, Gaming Gear or virtual prizes!