Know your game: FIFA19 Techniques & Strategies

Know your game: FIFA19 Techniques & Strategies

Know your game: FIFA19 Techniques & Strategies fbIf you play FIFA, there's a very high chance you don't need to be told how football is played well.

But with FIFA 19 – which WODuels now supports – several new features mean even the most seasoned players need to rethink their game. There's plenty to embrace, and some classic rules of thumb that even the best players can forget.

So we've brought you our guide to the most essential ways to improve your competitive FIFA 19 game.

Make use of the new Dynamic Tactics

FIFA 19's new Dynamic Tactics essentially give you manager level control before and during a match. You might be a long-time FIFA player with much confidence in the strategies and formations that work for your play style. However, embracing Dynamic Tactics can give you a huge edge. And there's every chance your rival will be employing them too. Dive right in. Dare to try techniques that contradict your typical approach. Fiddle with every slider, and experiment wildly. Try all you can; there's so much nuance that taking a crack at everything is the best way to understand the new system. We're talking when you're training or playing casually, of course. Then, when it comes to a real competition, don't be afraid to employ your newly refined strategy changes in-game. Know when to commit to your game plan, and when it's time to respond to a match going in an unexpected direction with a Dynamic Tactics change.

FIFA19 Dynamic Tactics. EAFIFA19 Dynamic Tactics. EA

Get those timed strikes down

Among the many new features in FIFA 19, the Timed Strikes function is a simple change, but a revolutionary one. Instead of only taking one stab at a button to make a strike on goal, you can press a second time to determine the exact moment the foot makes contact with the ball. That lets you be extremely accurate in terms of when a ball passes through a changing gap between defenders. When you need to thread the needle through a crowded penalty box, the moment the ball starts its journey is critically important. But while you need to remember to embrace the change, don't always use Timed Strikes in competitive matches. When practicing as a new FIFA 19 player it's good to do a lot to get used to the timing. But there is a risk to the technique, because if you miss-time a strike, it can go off-center. So if you are provided an easy shot on an open goal, you might not need risk a Timed Strike.

FIFA19 Timed Finishing. EAFIFA19 Timed Finishing. EA

Set the single-player difficulty higher than your ability

Single-player sparring is important for FIFA 19 training. It might not rival playing another human, but lots of practice against AI offers a powerful place in which to experiment, and get to grips with FIFA 19's new elements. But don't kick back by going with the difficulty setting that puts you in your comfort zone. As good as the FIFA 19 AI is, it doesn't replace the dynamism of a real player. So raise that difficult up a notch. Challenge will only improve you as a player. However, when exploring a new technique like the Timed Strikes above, it can help to drop the difficulty down low.

Defending? Keep on 'goal side' as much as possible

In real football, being 'goal side' refers to staying between the goal you are defending, and the player you are marking that is in an attacking position. It sounds obvious, but it's easily forgotten; on real football pitches and on those made from pixels. Even an amateur can thrive as a defender if they keep goal side thinking at the front of their mind. And even a pro can fall apart if they let their goal side discipline slip.

FIFA19 Regain your control. EAFIFA19 Regain your control. EA

Patient defending wins out

In this FIFA more than any before it, the position of every player on the field matters to the whole game. Your players work as a team at a new level, and the 'shape' of your formation and wider strategy is really important. If anything, there's a little more opportunity to lose formation to take daring runs on the opponent's goalmouth. But in defensive play? There, formation really matters. What you need to do is resist the old FIFA defense method of selecting the nearest player to the ball, and dashing off after it. Hold your position, hold your formation, and hold the team together. Keep the defenders back in defense, and use midfielders to push forward when facing off an attack. Don't open up gaps by letting your formation go slack. And most importantly, practice defensive play as much as attacking.

Sprint wisely

You'll often see attacking players sprint all the time. It's understandable; who wouldn't want to get on goal as fast as possible? But over-sprinting can lead to sloppy play where strategies, formations and set pieces fall apart. With good passing, there's no need to constantly sprint, and if you slow down your game, you have more time for intelligent, considered passing, movement and shots on goal. You'll sometimes need to sprint, of course. While there's no need to counter attack every time you gain possession, if you see an opportunity to turn around on a rival deep in your half having just failed an attack, sprinting can bring goals. And then there are the wings, where attacking players will often need to sprint. Overall, sprint when you really need to – not by default. And try 'sprint-free' friendlies to improve you attacking generally.

FIFA19 Sprint Wiesly. EA

FIFA19 Sprint Wiesly. EA