Halloween special gaming events

Halloween Spooky and Special Gaming Events

Halloween special gaming events fbGhosts! Goblins! Plants! Zombies! October arrived, and with it, you could feel the holiday atmosphere of approaching Halloween. Most people will imagine children and adults running around in costumes and asking for sweets, and on the other hand, the gamers will see an opportunity to participate in the holiday! In celebration of the Halloween spirit, we’ve coupled together some of the more memorable Halloween events in recent years, just for you!

Killing Floor / Killing Floor 2

It's hard to imagine a game more suited to the Halloween holiday atmosphere than Killing Floor – Think about it, a bunch of people trapped with little ammunition in a closed area? Factor in the fact that every round those zombies only grow in numbers and strength, and you’ve got one scary situation on your hands!

The first game’s Halloween Sideshow introduced us to the idea of zombies dressed in holiday costumes, a simple reskin coupled with a bunch of achievements, and yet, while the idea itself is amusing, it paved the way for another Halloween event, the Hillbilly Horror Event, which was inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and possibly gave nightmares to some players (We recommend not searching for the Bloat’s model if you want to sleep tonight).

The second game continued the tradition and added to the mix weapons and skins that can be earned, and best of all – it’s playable this month! So if you have the game, log in and fulfill your tasks to obtain a unique weapon skin, as well as other cosmetic items.

Killing Floor 2014 double feature, Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor 2014 double feature, Tripwire Interactive


While Overwatch is relatively new, it did become a focus of attention when it comes to Holiday events, and Halloween is no different. Overwatch’s Halloween event introduced us to some of the game’s most memorable skins – be it Witch Mercy, Dr. Junkenstein Junkrat or Junkenstein Roadhog. Not only that, but the events also introduced us to cooperative Tower-defense like segments that continue each season! This year’s Halloween event is currently active, and it adds a Swamp monster Doomfist skin alongside a Banshee Moira and Haunted Armor Pharah! Try it out before the event ends!

Overwatch’s Roadhog and Junkrat in their iconic Junkenstein costumes, Blizzard Ent

Overwatch’s Roadhog and Junkrat in their iconic Junkenstein costumes, Blizzard Ent


Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is very different in style from Team Fortress 2, the cartoonish class-based from the same company. With that said, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for some Halloween humor. In 2014, not only the game’s operators received various masks (which featured surprise appearances from Payday 2’s robbers and other Halloween monsters), but that’s not all.

If you’re not a stranger to CS:GO, you may know that in certain maps you may find chickens randomly running about, and you may also know that players are fond of killing said chickens for laughs. Well, on that Halloween, Valve decided it’s time for the chickens to rise from their graves! During the event, every chicken who was shot dead came back as a green zombie chicken! And if that’s not enough, teammates who were killed during the round would return as ghostly apparitions to haunt the map! Eek!

Team Fortress 2

Speaking of Valve and TF2, How can we talk about Halloween without mentioning Scream Fortress?! The same event that gave us the notorious Ghastly Gibus, Introduced us to evil ghosts who roam around and scare players, and even Boss fights against giant floating eyes as well as a Horseless Headless Horseman(n)! The same game that provided us with over 10 years of updates found a way to surprise us every year with a new, whacky concept! I mean, who could expect to log into TF2 and finding a new bumper cart soccer game mode?

Team Fortress Halloween Special 2011, Valve

Team Fortress Halloween Special 2011, Valve

Payday 2

Last but not least, Payday 2’s Halloween events were truly scary. The Safe House Nightmare event was intense, having the players put in a claustrophobic map, and then spawned endless waves of headless Bulldozers, a bunch of mean, LMG carrying beasts, covered from (no) head to toe with armor. Not only they could take damage, but they could also dish it out, and on higher difficulties, players could find themselves dying faster than they could say “I need a medic bag!”. If that wasn’t enough, the players could also find themselves shrunk to the size of an ant and cooking drugs on a huge desk, and if that wasn’t weird enough, that’s maybe because we haven’t mentioned the giant spider that pops out every couple of minutes! Now that’s a horrifying experience!

Payday 2’s 2015 Halloween event, Overkill SoftwarePayday 2’s 2015 Halloween event, Overkill Software

It’s possible that you do not agree with this list, or that you may have your own favorite Halloween events, but that’s what so remarkable about Halloween and video games! Each and every one of us has his own unique memory of the holiday, along with its unique events and different celebrations! Whether you really enjoyed our list, or just liked it, we wish you a spooky season’s greetings and a happy Halloween!