esports news round-up: Autumn 2018

eSports News Round-Up: Autumn 2018

eSports news round up autumn fbThe sports-ware giant keen to get more women competing in eSports, the $10,000,000 Fortnite BR tournament, and one hell of a LoL win.

The world of eSports produces more news that almost any other form of gaming. Results come thick and fast from across the world. But it isn't all about the latest stats from the competition stage.

So to help you pick the most interesting, unusual stories, we've selected three from the latest headlines: 

Champion clothing brand moves to inspire more female eSports players

Anybody who thought they knew fashion in the 1990s will remember how important Champion was to street-ware credibility. After dominating global trends, the brand then largely vanished from the high street. Now, with the boom in 1990s style, Champion is back. And as if to prove it really is at the cutting edge, the sports clothing outfit has sponsored its first eSports group; Team-Dignitas.

Sponsorships are common in eSports, of course. What makes this one worth drawing attention to is the commitment to bolster the presence of female gamers in the eSports community. Team-Dignitas has many male teams, but its all-female CSGO team is one of its most popular; especially since they won the Intel Extreme Masters Expo in Katowice, Poland this year.  Champion is keen to use its popularity with youth culture across the globe to welcome more women into eSports; and propel them to repeat the success of the CSGO team.

"It is extremely exciting for us to be partnering with one of the original eSports teams, steeped in experience and success," said Champion Team Athletics GM Tyler Lewison. "We will be working hand-in-hand with Team Dignitas to refresh their brand and engage the gaming community. Additionally, we are focused on partnering to create more opportunities for women in gaming; and their associated fanbase. It is an exhilarating time in eSports. The industry continues to grow rapidly and we are ready to further accelerate this evolution on a global stage."

Team Dignitas & Champion

Team Dignitas & Champion.

Epic Games debuts Fortnite Battle Royale tournament with $10,000,000 prize pool

The developer behind global phenomenon Fortnite: Battle Royale has revealed details of its second tournament, titled the Fall Skirmish. And the company is clearly happy to share some of the fortunes the game's success has brought in; Fall Skirmish has an impressive $10,000,000 prize pool.

We've talked before at World of Duels about how eSports conventions have had to be reshaped to embrace Fortnite Battle Royale. With Epic's might behind the process of bringing the game into the competitive arena, it's looking increasingly likely that the game will emerge as a popular and influential eSports game. Fortnite BR might break all the rules of what makes a competitive eSports game, but that isn't stopping it move on the scene.

The news came in the form of a Tweet from Epic on September 10th. Details are currently limited, but the autumn event will last for six weeks. Epic is promising additional details imminently, so keep your eyes out for more. Assuming the Summer Skirmish event is anything to go by, you can expect plenty of involvement from the likes of high-profile streamers and popular Fortnite players.

Epic $10,000,000 prize tweetEpic tweet, Twitter.

Team Liquid takes second straight North American League of Legends Championship Series

There are a lot of eSports results out there to read up on, but this is a big one, so is worth highlighting with the rest of our bespoke eSports news.

With a devastating 3-0 win over rivals Cloud9, Team Liquid won the North American League of Legends Championship Series, having gone to battle in California's Oracle Arena.

With the famed Yiliang 'Doublelift' Peng at the helm, the team had already dominated the series throughout 2018. The result now means they take to the stage as number one seed at the League of Legends Worlds Championship in South Korea. It’s been a good year for Cloud9, of course, but when they came up against Team Liquid they were swept aside by the controlling, confident and dominant play.

Now all League of Legends eSports fans will surely have their eyes on Korea.

 Team Liquid, Thanking the fans, Twitter

Team Liquid, Thanking the fans, Twitter

Mercedes F1 pushing eSports team to have driver-level fitness

As eSports continue to mirror real-world sports more and more, things have reached a new level in the world of Formula One.

Having been crowned Formula One Esports Series World Champion in 2017, Brendon Leigh went on to be signed by the official Mercedes eSports team. And in a recent interview with news agency Reuters, Leigh revealed he is undergoing a routine created for him by expert F1 trainer Simon Fitchett. 

The idea is that to be the best at eSports racing, you need to be as fit as a real F1 driver. And they are extremely well-trained to be ready for the physical and mental endurance of a real F1 race.

“He knows what it takes to be a real Formula One driver.” Leigh said of his time with Fitchett. And I'm trying to get up to those standards to prove that eSports does need physical and mental health to have the ability to drive at that level."

The result of his F1 training regime? Leigh has lost 20kg in weight since his training began. That’s no small task.

The world’s best eSports players are now making sure they are as fit as they are well practiced at their game. Which brings up a question. How far would you go to improve your eSports game?

F1 Training regimeF1 Training regime