A brief history of Counter Strike

A Brief History of : Counter-Strike

Half life a brief history of counter strikeHow Counter-Strike Got Started

Originally a mod of Valve's shooter masterpiece Half-Life, Counter-Strike would go on to define the conventions of competitive online gaming, and to this day remains an icon of eSports. That's part of the reason World of Duels has long-supported Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Way back in 1999, when Minh Le and Jess Cliffe were working on their mod to Half-Life, they could not have imagined where it would take them. They released their creation as a free beta that year, and by sharing it with the world, they caught the attention of Valve themselves. Soon after, the pair were employed to flesh out their mod into a full game 'Half-Life: Counter-Strike'.

It's worth noting, though, that Le and Cliffe saw their game become exceedingly popular before its fifth beta iteration, which is precisely when Valve became involved. And it may be that quality alone that has seen Counter-Strike dominate the online shooter space for almost two decades. From the outset, it offered both a robust and elegant foundation; a straight-up team-based shooter that – back at the turn of the millennium – was notably methodical in pace and team-focused in gameplay strategy; at least in comparison to its contemporaries. Valve embellished the game amply, of course, but long before that, it screamed quality.
It appears that those very points are largely why it remains the perfect eSports title to this day. With Global Offensive – the fourth core entry in the Counter-Strike series – the set-up is largely the same. Similarly to how it was in 1999, the terrorist and counter-terrorist teams must go into battle looking to wipe each other out, while achieving their own distinct goals. It's a classic set-up for fluid and action-packed battles with twists of fate and tight clutch finishes, making it fantastic to play and riveting to watch.

The Evolution of Counter-Strike

Of course, plenty happened in the 13 years between the debut of the original mod and 2012's Global Offensive.

The first sequel was Counter-Strike: Condition Zero in 2004. It didn't quite enjoy the popularity or praise of the first game, but it did do a great deal to advance the series. There was the introduction of two single-player campaigns, which may mean very little to competitive players, but did a great deal to convert those still entrenched in solitary gaming. 

Developing Counter-Strike: Source with the Source Engine

Then, in an unusually blistering case of series progression, that same year, the third game in the series arrived: Counter-Strike: Source. It was the first game to use Valve's then-new Source game engine; a tool used for creating and running a game. As such, it served as a statement of future ambition and ability for the studio at its helm.

The game enjoyed a great deal of praise, but there was a problem for many truly competitive players at the time. Counter-Strike Source just didn't have a difficulty level to match their talents, having dropped the bar considerably from that offered in the 1.6 version of the original release, which was seen at the time as the series' optimum balancing where difficulty was concerned.

Counter Strike Condition Zero

Other Counter-Strike Games Over the Years

There were other spin-offs, such as the curious Japanese arcade title Counter-Strike Neo, and Counter-Strike: Online, a microtransaction-funded adaptation which was developed outside of Valve in an attempt to better serve the tastes of the Asian online market.
CS Neo

Despite their faults, though, it was Condition Zero and Source that taught Valve all they needed to know before the online magnum opus that is Global Offensive; a game still updated and supported many years after its 2012 release. And, of course, a lot of people still play Global Offensive, with it still serving as one of the most well-played games through Steam.

And its age doesn't make Global Offensive any less relevant today. In 2017 it enjoyed nominations at the IGN Best of 2017 Awards, the Golden Joystick Awards, The Game Awards 2017, and the Annual National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards. Not bad for a six-year-old release. 

An acclaimed and popular game, updated and balanced for eSports while being a consistent audience and spectator favorites; that's what makes it a perfect game for World of Duels.

Counter Strike:Global Offensive

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