The 5 rules for a successful streaming channel

5 Rules for a Successful Streaming Channel

The 5 rules for a successful streaming channelAn expert guide to building your audience and seeing your gaming channel be a success.

In 2018, watching video games became even more popular than viewing traditional sports.

Meanwhile, Twitch streamers and gaming YouTubers are now more famous to young people than icons from the world of music and movies. At the same time studios increasingly rely on video as the most important way to get people excited about their creations. This means that gaming channels have become some of the most influential, powerful voices in games globally.

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One thing is clear. Video and streaming have become almost as important to games as people playing them. But with so many hopefuls taking a shot at building a popular channel, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

Here at World of Duels we've seen and experienced the best and worst of streaming and gaming videos. Based on that experience – and pulling on some insider advice we gathered from gaming experts at some of the biggest video platforms there are – here's our guide on how to build your audience and become a gaming media legend.

Key Rules for Video Games Streaming and Video Channels

• Stream Often, Stream Regularly

The most successful channels are those that give viewers reasons to keep coming back. Subscribed and returning viewers are essential to making it big in the gaming and streaming world. If they visit your channel and nothing new has been added since they last stopped by, there's a good chance they won't come back again. So stream lots, and do it regularly if you can. If your audience knows that there is a new video every Wednesday afternoon – for example – they will start to come back regularly for the new content.

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• Quality Over Quantity

While you do want to give your audience plenty of reasons to visit, never flood a streaming or video channel with anything and everything you can. Your fans will stay loyal and engaged if they see you as a source for expert information, skilled gameplay, creative content and hilarious entertainment. Only stream or post content because it has value or something new to add. As such, you need to balance frequency and regularity with the need to carefully curate your content.

• Have Personality

Being yourself, being colorful of personality and being energetic is what makes streaming and gaming videos sensationally popular. If you are too formal, understated or serious, you will only offer what traditional television has provided for decades. It might be tempting to emulate what you see on big-budget, highly polished broadcasts, but what has made fan-produced gaming videos so popular and influential is that it offers a distinct alternative to television content.

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• Engage Your Fans

The most successful gaming channels leave their fans feeling like they have a personal connection with the streamer or YouTuber. You need to make your audience feel that – even if you are hugely popular – they are part of a select few 'in the know'. That means replying to comments, hosting user-submitted videos, being responsive over social media, and generally making yourself available to your audience. That will take a lot of effort, but getting it right can make a big difference to how popular your streaming videos become.

• Stream Smooth

All of the above is great, but if your streaming is poor quality or if your videos are badly produced, all your potential success will be undermined. Fortunately, both Twitch and us here at Woduels want to help you with simple guides to understand and start streaming and recording your skilled gameplay as quickly and easily as possible. you can use our 'how to setup guides' to streaming and recording for PCPS4 and Xbox One and Twitch 'Broadcasting Guidelines' to make sure that when you do battle on World of Duels or just stream on Twitch, you'll have a loyal fan-base cheering you on and celebrating your victories with you.

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Checking For Cheating While Streaming in World of Duels

One of the best features here on Woduels, is that every user can simply add his own twitch channel link in his gamer profile section, and that way to also have a live broadcast on the platform for all the site's users and visitors. we highly recommend doing so as you will enjoy free traffic and can easily gather more supporters from our friendly community.

Of course, if you're not interested in sharing your World of Duels matches on your own gaming channel, it's still both important and easy to record them, because that provides a permanent record of a given game. In the case of accusations of cheating, our panel of experienced judges will be able to check and verify the recording for any inconsistency.