We are welcoming any Twitch and YouTube streamers, gamers, teams and organizations to join our partners’ team in various forms of mutual beneficial cooperation!

Please contact us on [email protected] for more information, inquiries or suggestions.



Our founders’ team is the core family of our community.

We have started with founders having various positions. Now, after a short testing period we are uniting the founder’s family!

All our founders will have similar roles, similar duties, and the same potential to earn BIG rewards for their activity on WODuels platform and social media.

Simplifying our founders program, we ask our founders to be active on site and on our social media.

Our Goodies and Duties:

On the Social aspect:

Our founders are asked to be active and helpful to our site users and on our social media:

·  Be talkative and helpful to new users on the site chat.

·  Encourage users to duel on the site, with you or other founders.

·  Be communicative in our Discord community.

·  Like, Share and comment on our Facebook\Twitter several times a week. (at least once midweek and once during the weekend)

Duels and Coins:

For every duel played with site user (which is not another founder), and uploading a screenshot\video proof. A founder will be rewarded 12 Wodcoins.

For the 10th duel, a founder will receive an extra 30 Wodcoins bonus.

For the 20th duel, a founder will receive another extra 70 Wodcoins.

For the 30th duel, a founder will receive extra 150 Wodcoins!

*Please note: You may not play the same opponent more than twice. Any duels played with the same opponents more than twice will not be counted as a reward.

Extra initiatives:

We are welcoming any creative ideas to help our community grow and our platform to be the best out there for all gamers.

Any idea put into action will be highly appreciated and rewarded. 

*Wodcoins can be withdrawn or exchanged to in-game virtual items such as skins, RP, steam cards etc.

**Only a founder which is both active on site and social media is entitled to the extra bonuses.

In order to receive your monthly coins we ask you to send a mail to our contact with your username, discord name and amount of duels played. Example can be found on our Discord.

If you'd like to join & become a founder please contact one of our admins though our discord channel or via [email protected]

Joining Requirements:

-Over 18 y.o

-Have a long online experience in one of the following games: FIFA, CSGO, League of Legends, HeartStone, Rocket league, Overwatch, Fortnite. 

-Fluent in English or French

Once all the above criteria are met and the below questionnaire answered, we will notify you of your application status, it may go quicker if you join our Discord.

*Please note, all information on your application including any documents and/or questionnaire is strictly confidential and will not be shared in any way, shape or form.

Thank you for your dedication and support!

The Woduels team