The Founders Program


What if you could make money by playing your favourite game??

That's right, we will pay you to play and give us valuable feedback.

You do not need to be good, you do not need to win,

it does not even matter if you lose, you get paid anyways!


How it works:

Play & Get Coins

1.    You play a duel (1v1 game) with a site user

The user must be a regular one, e.g. non-Founder

2.    You upload a screenshot/video proof of the duel played

3.     You are rewarded 5 WODcoins (0.5€) for every duel you play


Again, you do not have to win in order to receive coins!


Bonus: For the 20th duel played, you receive 150 WODcoins

That’s 15€ !

You may not play the same opponent more than twice.

Any duels played with the same opponents more than twice will not be counted as a reward.

WODcoins can be withdrawn by Paypal or Bitcoin 

Joining Requirements

- Must be over 18

- LOVE Playing Fifa or League of Legends

- Fluent in English or French

If you meet all the above criteria and you'd like to join & become a founder just join our Discord and talk to our admins or send us a mail at [email protected]

*Please note, all information on your application including any documents and/or questionnaire is strictly confidential and will not be shared in any way, shape or form.

Thank you for your dedication and support!

The Woduels team