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Rocket League

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is an incredibly engaging game. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies and combines soccer with driving, making the perfect sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Rocket League is a nominee or winner for Best Sports Game, Best Multiplier Game, and Game of the Year.


To make driving high-flying vehicles even more engaging, the game developers have added huge rocket boosters. Should you decide to play Rocket League, you will experience these amazing features:


Season Mode

Designed to make the gameplay for the new players more immersive and enjoyable.


Players can apply more than 10 billion combinations to customize their battle-cars.

Play and Learn

As they play, players can unlock numerous items and vehicles, and track their stats and performance on the leaderboards.

Online gameplay

Players can participate in up to 8-player online action.

Split-screen mode

Players can enjoy the game both locally and online by playing it in a 2, 3, and 4 player split-screen mode.


Win Prize Money Playing Rocket League 

If you love playing Rocket League, you should know that World of Duels has made it possible for you to make money playing Rocket League. All you need to do is click on the Duel Arena button to join a duel. Play Rocket League online and win big. Place a bet, win, and count your winnings as you climb on top of the leaderboard.


Rules of Rocket League

To ensure fair combat in Rocket League tournaments for money, World of Duels has put the following rules in the place:

  • Every match is pre-set to last for 5 minutes.
  • All arenas are available for the competition. If you prefer a specific arena, make sure to mention it in the “comment section” on your duel page.
  • If you are using bots, you have to declare how many bots you are using in the comments section.
  • Smurfing is strictly forbidden. Make sure to declare your rank in all game modes. Use the following pattern when declaring your rank in the comments section: 2v2=rank, 3v3= rank.
  • If you disconnect before starting the game, all you need is to create a new match. Please don’t create a new duel. If you disconnect after the game has started, you are responsible to rejoin it. All the goals scored meanwhile will count, and if you fail to rejoin, it will count as a Forfeit/Loss.


Setup Notes

  • We currently offer 1v1 (Duels) only, but we will have 2v2 (Doubles) and 3v3 (standard) very soon.
  • Create your match in the duel area: please note, we allow only for Soccer and basketball (Hoops) games.
  • Once an opponent has accepted your challenge on WOD, Create a private match with a password and invite your opponent to join.
  • Make sure to record your game and have a screenshot of the result ready for upload. 


Tips and Tricks for Rocket League

Complete the game tutorial

The basic gameplay of Rocket League is not overly complex, but to learn some neat tricks, you will have to master the basic game functionality.

Learn the quick powerslide to perform fast U-turns

Hold down the gas while doing the powerslide, this will not only help you turn faster but let you keep the momentum going.

Become the master of aerials by practicing the double jump

Don’t touch your movement controls and double tap that jump button, then when you are in the air, hold back and boost upwards.

Now that you know the basics click the "Deal Arena" button to start playing and earning.