What is Hearthstone and How to Play?

Hearthstone is the leading online collectible card game and the second most popular online game. It falls just behind League of Legends. It’s a strategical 1v1 game in which you try to outplay your opponent by battling through building decks. The cards you choose to play cast spells, make weapons, and summon minions to battle. The main goal of the game is to deplete your enemies health pool from 30 to 0. 

You play as a “hero” who has a unique power. Each hero has a large portion of cards that provide powers that are only available to them. Throughout the game, you must strategically play your deck. Outsmarting your opponent is not as easy as it looks in Hearthstone.

Earn money playing Hearthstone

World of Duels makes it simple to win real money playing Hearthstone. Join a duel by clicking on the “Duel Arena" button. You can join a public game or create a private game of your own. Place a bet and win big as you come out on top. If you win, that money is yours. After reporting the game result, your account will be credited.

Hearthstone Rules and Setup notes on World of Duels

Duel set up

  • Duels will be played in Best out of 3 matches/rounds by default. (If duel creator wishes to play BO1/BO5, it should be specified in the comment section of the duel).
  • The first duelist that reaches three (3) game points/victories in BO5, 2 points in BO3 and 1 point in BO1 wins the duel.
  • There is no need to create 3 duels, just create one duel and play 3 matches. Please make sure to have screenshots of your victory/gameplay footage readily available for proof of victory!
  • If you are the player who is creating the duel, you should specify what your current rank is. You can specify in the comments, what is the highest rank player you are willing to duel.

*Pay attantion! if the duel creator did not mention the top rank accepted for this duel, all ranked opponenets may take the duel.  

Duel commence

  • Each player has to prepare up to four classes (For example: Mage, Druid, Paladin and Warlock), you cannot select the same class two times with different decks. 
  • Once you have set up your duel you must add the other duelist on battle.net. After that, you will be able to ban one class for your opponent and your opponent will ban one class for you. The class that was banned may not be used by that player for any of the games in the duel. The player who joins the duel bans first.
  • Once class banning has been declared, you may choose a class and play the first game.


  • The duelist that won the game won’t be able to choose the class with which he has been victorious with.
  • In case of “Draw” (Both players losing at the same time) there Will be no game point for neither of them and a rematch will be played with the same class and decks.
  • In case of disconnection if the game has already started it will count as a loss and your opponent will earn one (1) game point.

Hearthstone Tips and Tricks

Forums and research

The more you know the better. There are plenty of resources out there for you to learn new strategies. Scroll through Reddit to find extra valuable tips.

Don’t spend all your gold in one place

Although it’s tempting, resist the urge to spend all your hard earned gold in one place. Save up your gold. Spend your money on the Arena rather than wasting it on a card pack. Your gold will go farther at the Arena

Practice makes perfect

Call your friends up and challenge them. Watch their strategies and implement them in your own game. Watching and playing with friends with will make you a better and smarter player. 

Now that you know the basics click the “Duel Arena” button to get gaming.