Counter Strike:Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive

What is Counter Strike Global Offensive and How to Play? 

CS Global Offensive is an expansion of the legendary action multiplayer game that was launched many years ago. CS GO comes with many new maps, weapons, characters while keeping many of the classic features and items that the original game had and was loved for.

On top of that, CS Global Offensive comes with various new playing modes, skins, physics improvements, and many other new improvements that take the game to new levels.

On our site, you can play Counter Strike online and even make money playing CS GO in all of the available gameplay modes, including:

Arms race

This mode includes instant respawns and rewards players with new weapons when they respawn or kill someone.


In this game mode, players need to attack and defend their bomb sites on various maps. The gameplay is much faster and intense. Players get weapons at the start and at the beginning of each round and the players switch sides.


In this mode, you don’t have to commit yourself to matches. It’s a less intense mode.


The classic mode for which CS became famous. You can play matches with a team or alone with standard rules.

In all of these standard modes, we offer CS GO money betting and have crafted various custom modes exclusively for our players.

Make money playing CS GO

Apart from the fact that our platform offers various modes suited for any player’s style, we also offer you the opportunity to play CS Global Offensive and make bets on yourself or your team. You can do this instantly by entering a duel or enrolling in a tournament. This is a great opportunity to play Counter Strike online and make real money alone or with a team.


  • All of the maps played are known in advance.
  • In case a player has dropped, games will be paused by admins.
  • All modes and tournaments include warm-ups.
  • All scripts are considered illegal and players using them will be disqualified.
  • Any foul or offensive language will not be tolerated.

Game types

All game types, which can be played for free, can also be played for bets. This includes all the modes and maps. Players can join a team solo and bet on their competition. You can create a team for 6v6, 5v5, or 3v3 and make bets or you can participate in 1v1 tournaments.


Step 1: Create your duel on you must create a duel according to your current skills. Creating a duel for a lower rank than you currently are in considered "smurfing" and will not be tolerated.

You may choose the map that you prefer, but you must specify which map it is in the “comments” upon duel creation. Please note, the maps we recommend for 1V1 are (all downloadable form workshop): 







Please do not forget to rate the map on steam as creators have worked hard on creating those maps and a good rating really helps them! 

Step 2: Once opponent(s) have accepted your duel, open up CSGO. At this point, we strongly recommend using a recording software of your choice or OBS (tutorial here). You may also use the streaming service of your choice, but make sure to archive your streams for future reference, in case of a litigation case. 

Step 3: Make sure the people you want to play against (or with) are your friends on Steam, this will make the whole process much easier. 

Step 4: 

  • In the CSGO Menu, click on “play”, “play with friends”. 
  • At the bottom left of the lobby, you will see a padlock with ‘change permissions”. Make sure permission is set to “Friends needs invite”.   
  • Go to “game settings” at the bottom left of the lobby, choose “workshop” and choose the map corresponding to your duel details on the site and click “accept”: make sure to select “competitive” as game mode. 
  • Invite the people you want to play with. 
  • Once you are in the server, as soon as all participants have joined the game make sure to write the following in the console: 

mp_freezetime 1 



Now that you know the basics click the “Duel Arena” button to get gaming.