League Of Legends
League of Legends

What is League of Legends and How to Play?

League of Legends is the ultimate online multiplayer battle arena. It’s the most popular online game. The goal of the game is to work with your team to defeat your opponent's Nexus. Fight your way across the jungle in pursuit of destroying your enemy’s Nexus before they get to yours.

You, as the player, take the form of a Champion. League of Legends gives you a variety of champions to choose from. Each champion has a special skill set, so choose as you see fit. Leveling-up or buying items will improve your skill set.  Fight your way past powerful monsters, ruthless turrets, computer-powered minions, and enemy champions.

You can play League of Legends on a Mac or PC, whichever you prefer.

How do I make money from League of Legends?

World of Duels makes it simple to earn money playing League of Legends. Simply join a duel by clicking on the “Duel Area” button. You can join a public game or create a private game of your own. Place a bet and win big is you come out on top. If you win, that money is yours. After reporting the game result, your account will be credited.

What are the rules of League of Legends on World of Duels?

  • Each player gets to ban 3 champions for the other player. Banned champions will need to be mentioned in the comments section as follow. When an opponent accepts your duel, he will need to send you a message stating which 3 champions he wants to ban for you. We strongly recommend taking a screenshot of the agreement.
  • Each player must ban one summoner spell.
  • You may add any masteries you want.
  • The ONLY map we allow is: Howling Abyss (ARAM map)
  • All items are available, except for the ones you cannot purchase on that map.

There are 3 different ways of winning:

  1. Taking the first Blood- If you are executed by an enemy turret, this does NOT count as a loss. If both duelists die on the same team fight the one that dies first loses.
  2. Getting 100 CS (Killing 100 minions)-The first duelist that reaches 100 farm wins the duel
  3. Getting the first turret down

In case of a disconnection in the first 5 minutes (and before a first kill) the duelist may ask for a rematch. A disconnection after 5 minutes will count as a defeat.

You may not create a Duel for a rank that is lower than your current rank, smurfing is illegal.

!! Remember to record your gameplay, as you may need to provide footage in case of a litigation !!

League of Legends Tips and Tricks

We know everyone’s not an expert gamer. That’s why we compiled a few League of Legends tips for beginners that will improve your game tenfold.

Pick a champion that you’re comfortable with

Pick a champion that you relate to. There are over 130 champions so pick one that best suits you. Align their strengths and skills with yours. Grow on these strengths and become a master with one champion. This is more beneficial than knowing 40 champions semi-well.

Read up

Read, read, read. You can never know too much. Study up on tips, champions, and guides. The research will give you an advantage that your opponent might not have.


Watch your friends. Watch professionals. Ask for advice.  See how they play and try and pick out useful tips. Apply these and build on them.

Now that you know the basics click the “Duel Arena” button to get gaming.