What is FIFA 2018?

FIFA 2018 incorporates groundbreaking technologies into the classic, legendary, football video simulation series. It’s the 25th game of the FIFA video game series. The game is a simulation of the 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup. It features all 32 national teams participating in the 2018 FIFA cup. Players have the option to play single or multiplayer.

Fueled by Frostbite technology, FIFA 2018 features immersive details such as

  • Real player motion technology
  • Team styles
  • Immersive atmospheres


Win Prize Money Playing FIFA 2018

World of Duels makes it simple to win big bucks playing FIFA 2018. Simply join a duel by clicking on the “Duel Area” button. You can join a public game or create a private game of your own. Place a bet and win big is you come out on top. If you win, that money is yours. After reporting the game result, your account will be credited.

Rules of FIFA

World of Duels has a few rules to ensure a fair FIFA game.

  • A draw goes to over time and penalties (if applicable)-Managing stamina and subs is important !
  • No time wasting. If you hold the ball in your backline for more than 5 minutes (in-game minutes), you may be disqualified and your opponent will have won.
  • We strongly recommend using a classic white ball, as other colors may result in complaints from your opponent.


Rules of FIFA Ultimate

The same rules stated above also apply to FIFA Ultimate. World of Duels does not allow training cards of any type, even on your bench. Chemistry cards are allowed though. Any player with a rating above 90 must be communicated in the comment box. Any icon must also be communicated. They must be labeled as the examples below:

  • For a regular player above 90 such as De Bruyne, you should write: De Bruyne (91)
  • For any ICON (even if below 90) such as Alan Shearer: ICON Shearer (87).
  • Any other special card rated above 90, even if it is a third in form, team of the year, team of the season or Hero, such as SBC Aguero, should be declared as follows: IF Aguero (94).
  • Failure to declare any of the above cards in the comment box will result in a loss.


Tips and Tricks for FIFA 2018

Move the ball at all times

Standing still in FIFA makes you vulnerable to opponents. Passing the ball makes it harder for your opponent to catch up. Stay on your toes and keep the ball moving.

Take your time

Move the ball methodically. Plan out your strategy. Don’t just sprint ahead. You will lose control and lose the ball.


Practice makes perfect so keep at it. You’ll be a pro in no time if you practice as much as possible.

Now that you know the basics click the “Duel Arena” button to get gaming.