We have a 0 tolerance policy with players caught cheating/smurfing and we take this very seriously.Woduels.com has a number of measures in place, such as the judges board, in order to prevent people from cheating. Any player found to break the site rules may be permanently banned.

If you have encountered a cheater, you may click on "report duel" on the duel page and our team of judges will review your case. Please note, you must be absolutely certain that cheating/foul play was involved. Reporting duels without solid proof could have negative repercussions. 

The board of judges is a unique feature of Woduels.com aimed at protecting its users against foul play. The board consists of dozens of expert gamers, each in their own respective categories, who are an active part of our community. The judges decide if there was cheating or smurfing after viewing the provided video evidence. Once a litigation case takes place, our board will watch the submitted footage and give a verdict with a suggestion for penalty within 24 hours. With our board of judges, you are sure to have a smooth experience!

**The board of judges will only be set in motion for duels of 50 WodCoins and above. As for litigious cases of lower amounts, they will be reviewed only by our managment. 

When you have played a duel on Woduels.com, in order to declare the outcome you will be asked to state whether you have ''Won'' or ''Lost'' the duel and your opponent will be asked to do the same. Once you both enter your result and there is no clash, the duel will be settled by the system and any agreed prize amount will enter the winner’s account balance automatically.

 If the result is entered incorrectly, our system will flag an error and ask you to resubmit the results accurately (I.e: both players declare winning). If you fail to do this once again, the challenge will go into ''dispute/litigation'' and both you and your opponent will be requested to upload photo and/or video evidence showing the challenge result. You also will have 24 hours to explain us why there was a result clash.

 The team and judges board at World of Duels will then review the uploaded evidence and verify the result. Anyone found to be repeatedly clashing on result will be penalized and possibly banned.

If your opponent disconnects during a game, you will have won by default and vice versa, no matter what the reason behind the disconnection was. A disconnection means a loss.

*Please note, some games may have a different policy regarding disconnections, so be sure to check the game rules.

We do not allow any kind of verbal abuse such as swearing, racial slurs and sexual comments anywhere on our site (including in-game). If we find you to disregard this policy, we will take measures, such as disabling chats and messages on your profile. Repeating offenders may be banned.

As with any competitive activity, the world of competitive Esports contains many individuals and teams, who for various reasons, decide to cheat and thus have an unfair advantage. Cheats include: Speed hack, wall hack, aimbot, packet spamming, map exploits, game glitches and any other form of cheating that puts you and/or your team at an unfair advantage. At Woduels.com we have a 0 tolerance policy towards cheaters/hackers and accounts may be terminated as a result.

In multiplayer online gaming, the term "Smurf" is used to refer to an experienced player who creates a new account for the purposes of being matched against inexperienced players for easy wins.

When you create a duel, you must create a duel according to your current rank or above. If you would like to participate in a duel that was already created and is for a lower rank than yours, you must contact the duel creator and mention you are in a higher rank than they are.

At woduels.com, smurfing is illegal and will result in penalties, such as competitive cooldowns, the user being flagged as a smurf for the community to see and a possible ban. Upon signup, a players profile must be updated with information that is accurate and true regarding the declared skills and all profiles must be updated by users should they level up/rank down. At Woduels.com, the skills you declare to have on your profile, must match your in-game skills. 

A griefer is a player that goes out of his or her way to annoy or disturb other players. There are many ways that a griefer may go about angering others, including: trash talking, camping/AFK, turtling and intentional friendly fire. Griefing is not allowed under any circumstances and if you are repeatedly reported for griefing/bad behaviour, you may be penalized and it will reflect on your rating and profile.