Woduels.com offers a way to play your favorite video games titles for money by challenging other gamers on 1v1 games. You can choose different options, like head to head, tournaments or play with your own team against another team! Once the match is over, you need to declare the result and as soon as the duel result is validated, your account will automatically be credited.

You can create a duel with the "Duel Area" under “create a duel”. You can choose options such as “Private duel” (with a friend) or “Public duel”. Simply choose the type of game, platform and amount. Once your duel has been created, all users on our site will be able to see it and commit to it if it suits their criteria.

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After you’ve registered with Woduels.com you can select to participate in any contest listed on the lobby in the Duel Arena. You can filter the duels by using the available search fields so that you can quickly find challenges of your preference. In order to participate in a duel, you simply need to click on “Duel area” and join a public game created by other players. You may also join a private duel if you are friends with a specific user.

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Congratulations on creating your first duel !

Now, as soon as an opponent accepts you duel, you will receive a notification.

In order to approve your opponent, here is what you need to do:


1. Go to the "Duel Arena" and click on "My Duels"


2. In the "My Duels" section,  you will see a "pending" tab:


3. Click on "pending" will show you the "opponents to approve". These are players who are interested in your duel.

You can accept the challenge straight away, but you also might  want to see your opponent profile.

To see your opponent's profile,  simply click on his profile name


4. Your opponent's profile will load. On his profile, you can see how many games he won or lost and the feedback other players gave him,

Remember, you can send a message to your opponent if you need to ask him some questions, such as, when he can play or what level/ rank he has: 

5. If none of your opponents are suitable or you do not have time to play, you may cancel the duel:


This means that your opponent has already confirmed their loss. Your win should be automatically added to the system and you should see your updated balance shortly.

You can accept a public duel within the Duel area, where you will have the list of the public games created by others users. For a private game, you need an invitation. When you create a private game, you will need to choose your opponent (your opponent needs to be on your friend list).

Broadcasting your games on the Woduels site is easy ! All you need to do is go to your profile and paste your Twitch URL in your profile section, which will instantly stream your games to our site. As an additional safety measure, you may also want to archive your streams in order to have them handy in case of a dispute. 

We strongly recommend saving a screenshot of any game you play whilst on Woduels.com. This is important as on rare occasions, you may be a victim or be accused of cheating and/or smurfing. In such cases, we will require proof of victory in the form of a screenshot.

If no one reports a result, the duel will be canceled after 72 hours. If you have reported your result and your opponent has not reported theirs, you will get the win after 1 hour automatically.

If you have a draw game, then you need to rematch. Draws are rare and apply only to a handful of games, so be sure to check out the game rules for each game. There is always a winner in Woduels.com !

At the end of each duel at Woduels.com you are required to rate your opponent based on your experience with them (1 star lowest, 5 stars highest).The rating will be averaged according to the feedback you received after each duel, which allows for more transparency on our users and reflects overall behavior (If you are found to be submitting inaccurate results, your feedback will be removed and you may be sanctioned).

Every individual using Woduels.com will have a rating available on their profile, visible to all others, as well as their win/lose ratio, last game they played and litigation cases.

It is important to note that these ratings are determined by the Woduels.com system and cannot be changed. This ensures that every user on the site has accurate and trustworthy information available to them while using the Woduels.com site.

At Woduels.com we reward good behavior and high ratings with bonuses. The nicer you are, the higher your rating will be and as a result, you will have access to cash, skin rewards and many other privileges.

Register for a free account. After you have set up your password, you will receive a bonus of 10 WODcoins (0.1 EUR) to start playing. You may search for a duel in the duel Arena, or create a duel. Please note, in order to create a duel, you will need to fill out your profile information, such as your favorite games and Avatar; which will allow us to establish an accurate matchmaking for your future duels.

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