MTG Arena Rules:

  • All games are Standard and BO3.
  • We will in the future accept more formats, such as brawl and community ban list, but for now, only Standard BO3.
  • It's always good to take screenshots in the beginning and at the end of each match in case of litigation, recording or streaming are fine.t.
  • In case of a disconnection before any actions, a player may request a rematch, but after a player has their first turn, lost connection will count as defeat.
  • If a player is roping, please inform the admins, you do not need to post anywhere, just make sure we know, recurrent players will be penalized, and if you are in fact recording, they will be penalized once we go through the recordings as well.

Game Setup:

  • Once an opponent has accepted your challenge on WOD, create your challenge on Arena - Tournament Match, Discord Challenge DM the challenger with the game link.
  • If you have any issues with discord challenge, please check this link the main difference is that all duels are tournament matches.