CSGO Rules:

  • All of the maps played are known in advance and you must declare the map in the “custom rules field” in the duel arena.
  • All modes and tournaments include warm-ups.
  • All scripts are considered illegal and players using them will be disqualified.
  • Any foul or offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • Tempering with the console excpet for the instructions below, will grant your opponent the win

Game Setup:

  1. Step 1: Create your duel on woduels.com: you must create a duel according to your current skills. Creating a duel for a lower rank than you currently are in considered "smurfing" and will not be tolerated.

    You may choose the map that you prefer, but you must specify which map it is in the “comments” upon duel creation. Please note, the maps we recommend for 1V1 are (all downloadable form workshop):

    • aim_ak47aim
    • awp_aim
    • 1v1_ak47
    • aim_deagle
    • aim_allpistols
    • aim_1v1_map
    Please do not forget to rate the map on steam as creators have worked hard on creating those maps and a good rating really helps them!
  2. Step 2: Once opponent(s) have accepted your duel, open up CSGO. At this point, we strongly recommend using a recording software of your choice or OBS (tutorial here). You may also use the streaming service of your choice, but make sure to archive your streams for future reference, in case of a litigation case.
  3. Step 3: Make sure the people you want to play against (or with) are your friends on Steam, this will make the whole process much easier.
  4. Step 4:
    • In the CSGO Menu, click on “play”, “play with friends”.
    • At the bottom left of the lobby, you will see a padlock with ‘change permissions”. Make sure permission is set to “Friends needs invite”.
    • Go to “game settings” at the bottom left of the lobby, choose “workshop” and choose the map corresponding to your duel details on the site and click “accept”: make sure to select “competitive” as game mode.
    • Invite the people you want to play with.
    • Once you are in the server, as soon as all participants have joined the game make sure to write the following in the console:

      1. mp_freezetime 1
      2. mp_warmup_end
      3. bot_kick

Rules of FIFA:

World of Duels has a few rules to ensure a fair FIFA game.

  • A draw means you will need to rematch, there is no need to create another duel!
  • No time wasting. If you hold the ball in your backline for more than 5 minutes (in-game minutes), you may be disqualified and your opponent will have won.
  • We strongly recommend using a classic white ball, as other colors may result in complaints from your opponent.

Game Setup:

  • Add your opponent on PSN/Origin.
  • Create an online friendly.
  • Play the game.
  • Take a screenshot or record a video.
  • Declare your results.

Rules of FIFA Ultimate Team:

The same rules stated above also apply to FIFA Ultimate. World of Duels does not allow training cards of any type, even on your bench. Chemistry cards are allowed though. Any player with a rating above 90 must be communicated in the comment box. Any icon must also be communicated. They must be labeled as the examples below:

  • For a regular player above 90 such as De Bruyne, you should write: De Bruyne (91).
  • For any ICON (even if below 90) such as Alan Shearer: ICON Shearer (87).
  • Any other special card rated above 90, even if it is a third in form, team of the year, team of the season or Hero, such as SBC Aguero, should be declared as follows: IF Aguero (94).
  • Failure to declare any of the above cards in the comment box will result in a loss.

Game Setup:

  • Add your opponent on PSN/Origin.
  • Create an online friendly.
  • Play the game.
  • Take a screenshot or record a video.
  • Declare your results.

Rules of playing Fortnite on Woduels:

  • You may not kill or damage your opponent and any structure they build. You can only kill/damage your opponent if you are the last 2 on the map. Do not interfere with your opponent in any way. Let them play, as if they were friendly. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a loss, cooldown or a possible ban from Fortnite 1v1.
  • If you are playing only 1 game and you die before your opponent, please wait till the end of the game to declare the outcome. You may have died before him, but you could have more kills than him, so please be patient.
  • If you are playing a “best out of” game, you must wait till your opponent finishes his game. Please note, you cannot create or play another duel on WOD till you play all games. If you set the rules to “best out of 3” you must play 3 games back to back with your opponent and you cannot create another duel for any game on WOD until the outcome has been submitted.

Game setup:

  • Create your duel in the duel area: please note, you may not create custom rules for fortnite, all games must be played according to WOD rules.
  • Once an opponent has accepted your challenge on Woduels, make sure to add them as a friend on fortnite, this will make the process easier.
  • Once on fortnite menu, set your game to duo, as if you were going to team up with your opponent. Once your opponent joined the team, you may start the game.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the most kills wins the duel. You must provide proof of your kills. Please note, the proof, either video or screenshots, must also show that you played with the opponent you teamed up with! If you and your opponent have the same amount of kills, the game must be played again, but there is no need to create a new duel on Woduels.
  • You may play only one game, but we highly recommend going for “best out of 3” games or more. If you leave the “comments” section blank on your duel setup page, it will be 1 game only, but if you want to play more than one game, simply write “best out of” and then the number of games you wish to play.

League Of legends Rules:

  • Each player gets to ban 3 champions for the other player. Banned champions will need to be mentioned in the comments section as follow. When an opponent accepts your duel, he will need to send you a message stating which 3 champions he wants to ban for you. We strongly recommend taking a screenshot of the agreement.
  • Each player must ban one summoner spell.
  • You may add any masteries you want.
  • The ONLY map we allow is: Howling Abyss (ARAM map).
  • All items are available, except for the ones you cannot purchase on that map.

There are 3 different ways of winning:

  1. Taking the first Blood- If you are executed by an enemy turret, this does NOT count as a loss. If both players die on the same team fight the one that dies first loses.
  2. Getting 100 CS (Killing 100 minions)-The first duelist that reaches 100 farm wins the duel.
  3. Getting the first turret down.

In case of a disconnection in the first 5 minutes (and before a first kill) the duelist may ask for a rematch. A disconnection after 5 minutes will count as a defeat.

You may not create a Duel for a rank that is lower than your current rank, smurfing is illegal.

!! Remember to record your gameplay, as you may need to provide footage ion case of a litigation !!

Game Setup:

  • We currently offer 1v1 (Duels) only, but we will have 2v2 (Doubles) and 3v3 (standard) very soon.
  • Create your match in the duel area and wait for opponents.
  • Once you have chosen an opponent, make sure to add them as a friend in the game, this will make the process easier.
  • Create a private match (or public) and invite your opponent.
  • Make sure to have a screenshot of the result ready for upload (in-game screenshot).

Rocket league rules:

To ensure fair combat in Rocket League tournaments for money, World of Duels has put the following rules in the place:

  • Every match is pre-set to last for 5 minutes.
  • All arenas are available for the competition. If you prefer a specific arena, make sure to mention it in the “comment section” on your duel page.
  • If you are using bots, you have to declare how many bots you are using in the comments section.
  • Smurfing is strictly forbidden. Make sure to declare your rank in all game modes. Use the following pattern when declaring your rank in the comments section: 2v2=rank, 3v3= rank.
  • If you disconnect before starting the game, all you need is to create a new match. Please don’t create a new duel. If you disconnect after the game has started, you are responsible to rejoin it. All the goals scored meanwhile will count, and if you fail to rejoin, it will count as a Forfeit/Loss.

Game setup:

  • We currently offer 1v1 (Duels) only, but we will have 2v2 (Doubles) and 3v3 (standard) very soon.
  • Create your match in the duel area: please note, we allow only for Soccer and basketball (Hoops) games.
  • Once an opponent has accepted your challenge on Woduels, make sure to add them as a friend on PSN / Steam / XBOX Live, this will make the process easier.
  • Create a private match (or public) and invite your opponent.
  • Make sure to record your game and have a screenshot of the result ready for upload.

MTG Arena Rules:

  • All games are Standard and BO3.
  • We will in the future accept more formats, such as brawl and community ban list, but for now, only Standard BO3.
  • It's always good to take screenshots in the beginning and at the end of each match in case of litigation, recording or streaming are fine.t.
  • In case of a disconnection before any actions, a player may request a rematch, but after a player has their first turn, lost connection will count as defeat.
  • If a player is roping, please inform the admins, you do not need to post anywhere, just make sure we know, recurrent players will be penalized, and if you are in fact recording, they will be penalized once we go through the recordings as well.

Game Setup:

  • Once an opponent has accepted your challenge on WOD, create your challenge on Arena - Tournament Match, Discord Challenge DM the challenger with the game link.
  • If you have any issues with discord challenge, please check this link https://forums.mtgarena.com/forums/threads/46347 the main difference is that all duels are tournament matches.