Gaming HotelsIn movies and comic books, the hero will often take off into the remote wilderness before the final battle, on a journey to hone their skills without distraction and find a mental space that gives them the focus needed to win.

Real life heroes and competitors do the same, and for professional gamers this idea is gaining traction in a cool new way...

Six of the Best: esports moments tsWe look back to some of the moments in eSports that will be remembered for as long as people are playing competitive games

In the mainstream press, away from the heart of competitive gaming, you will often read about how eSports is about prize earnings, big business, and the most famed pro players.

But eSports is really about the matches, and the gameplay moments that make them so watchable. With that in mind, we've handpicked six of the most exciting, important and memorable moments from the entire history of eSports.

How To: Master the Psychology of Competitive Gaming tsWith more and more eSports teams employing the services of a sports psychologist, what can you do to up your brain game?

eSports is a lot like a physical sport.

Whatever your game is, whether it's played on a pitch or on a screen, the brain is the part of the body that really does the hard work.

The human brain is often referred to as a muscle. While it does contain some muscle tissue, anatomically it is typically not considered a muscle. But experts agree that it can be trained like a muscle, and ...

Know your game: FIFA19 Techniques & StrategiesIf you play FIFA, there's a very high chance you don't need to be told how football is played well.

But with FIFA 19 – which WODuels now supports – several new features mean even the most seasoned players need to rethink their game. There's plenty to embrace, and some classic rules of thumb that even the best players can forget.

So we've brought you our guide to the most essential ways to improve your competitive FIFA 19 game.

Halloween gaming special eventsGhosts! Goblins! Plants! Zombies! October arrived, and with it, you could feel the holiday atmosphere of approaching Halloween. Most people will imagine children and adults running around in costumes and asking for sweets, and on the other hand, the gamers will see an opportunity to participate in the holiday!

In celebration of the Halloween spirit, we’ve coupled together some of the more memorable Halloween events in recent years, just for you!

eSports news round up autumnThe sports-ware giant keen to get more women competing in eSports, the $10,000,000 Fortnite BR tournament, and one hell of a LoL win.

The world of eSports produces more news that almost any other form of gaming. Results come thick and fast from across the world. But it isn't all about the latest stats from the competition stage.

So to help you pick the most interesting, unusual stories, we've selected three from the latest headlines.

A brief history of FIFAHow the first 'footballer's football game' grew from an atypical soccer title into a eSports giant

As players across the world tuck into FIFA 19, it's worth remembering that FIFA certainly wasn't the first football video game.

Throughout the seventies – two decades before FIFA arrived – numerous companies offered re-arranged versions of Pong, insisting that they represented all kinds of sports, from volleyball to football. The gameplay, though, always came down to bouncing balls from moving monochrome rectangles

eSports Events Calendar Sep-Nov 2018Your essential guide to the most important competitive gaming events for the summer's close

As eSports gets bigger by the month, so do the eSports events that are the backbone of the competitive gaming community.

Here at World of Duels we understand that means that even keeping track of which are worthwhile can eat into your all-important gaming and training time. To make your life a little easier, we've assembled a list of the essential inbound gatherings of eSports teams, companies and fans.

Whether you visit in person, watch online, or just keep your eyes peeled for news and announcements over social media, the selection we've picked below should absolutely be on any serious competitive gamer's radar, as well as those of more casual fans.

Here's our eSports events calendar for Fall 2018:

Rocket League Fan Art TeaserWant to turn your Rocket League matches from chaotic scrambles to coordinated assaults on your rival? Look no further than our essential strategy guide

When you take to the Rocket League pitch for the first time, things can feel rather chaotic…

Being a newcomer to the game is exciting, delightful and even rather silly, as balls ricochet, vehicles tumble and goals are scored through luck as much as skill. It's a fantastically fun state of affairs, and that brilliant, hectic, casual play is likely the reason Rocket League engages so many first-timers.

But if you want to win games consistently, play competitively and move beyond the game's own version of 'button mashing', you'll need to be a little more considerate not just in how you play…

But in how you think about Rocket League.

eSports History:The Fighting GamesWhile most will think of shooters and MOBAs when they hear the word 'eSports', competitive gamers owe a great deal to the emergence of the arcade fighter.

Competitive gaming as we know it today arguably arrived with the fighting game.

Multiplayer gaming has existed as long as there have been video games. As far back as 1958, Tennis for Two offered competitive gaming via an oscilloscope and early computer.