Welcome to World of Duels - The Online Arena for PVP eSports Dueling

We are Woduels - players of a variety of games and ranks, who came together with the dream to allow regular players to scratch their competitive itch.

We know that many of us are quite skillful in our gaming abilities, but we have something that stops us from going completely pro: let it be work, school, family or anything else. We can all use a platform that enables us to come back home after our daily activities, and instead of just gaming without stakes, playing some actual duels that mean something.

Our vision is to make a great platform for competition on all levels of skill and games! We strive to create a positive and helpful community of gamers, which helps to ensures all our users are matched with opponents of equal skills and experience in a positive, like-minded environment.

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For the best Woduels experience, we recommend joining our Discord, where you can meet our community. If you have any further questions or need some help to begin your first duels, feel free to visit our FAQ section, contact us via email ([email protected]) or, of course, our Discord.

See you in the arena!

The WOD Team