1v1 Dueling

Go head to head against your friends with WoDuels 1v1 dueling. Challenge your friends to duels and win cash fast. With WoDuels 1v1 dueling you can play across a variety of your favorite games.

We offer 1v1 duels for:

⦁ Hearthstone 
⦁ Overwatch 
⦁ FIFA 19 
⦁ CS:GO 
⦁ Rocket League 
⦁ Fortnite
⦁ FIFA 18
⦁ League of Legends

With WoDuels 1v1 duels you can get as good as the pros while winning money and playing your friends!

Play Friends or Have an Open Duel

With WoDuels 1v1 duels it's easy to play your friends in your favorite games. As long as you are both registered WoDuelers you can play whoever you please in any game you desire.

To play a friend, start by clicking the Duel Arena button. If you haven’t already, log in at this point. Click the “Create a Duel” button. This will then present you with two options: “Private Duel” or “Public Duel”. If you wish to duel with a friend, click private. If you wish to have an open duel, click public. Scroll through your friend list and send an invitation to invite a friend to duel.

In order to accept a private duel, you need to be friends with the requester. If you are, you will receive an invitation for a private 1v1 duel. If you would like to join a public duel, simply go to the Duel Arena and choose your desired public duel.

Win Money Playing 1v1 Duels

Winning money playing your favorite games like CS:GO and Rocket League is simple with WoDuels 1v1 duels. Just log in, go to the duel arena, select either “private” or “public” duel, add your friends, place your bets, and get to dueling.

If you win you’ll receive your earnings and that’s all! If you lose you’ll have to pay your waged bets.

We wish you the best of luck on your 1v1 dueling! Happy gaming!