Why WODuels ?

Advanced matchmaking

All player profiles on our platform truly reflect the skill level, as they are constantly verified for integrity by hundreds of experts. At World of Duels, you have access to the stats, feedback and rating of every player, which means you will always be able to find an opponent that matches your skill level.

Cheating policy

At World of Duels, we have a 0 tolerance policy against cheaters, smurfs and griefers. Should we or our trusty Judges board find you have been a victim of any of the aforementioned offences, we will refund your waged amount in addition to sanction and possibly ban the perpetrator(s).

Judges board

We enforce our rules and promote fair play. As such, The World of Duels board of expert judges is united of gamers each with thousands hours of experience, at your disposal 24/7. Should you encounter a cheater or have a poor gameplay experience with opponent, just let our judges know, it is free of charge !

100% free

Registering on world of duels is free and there are no subscription fees. Daily free roll tournaments are available for everyone and we constantly distribute various bonuses to our users. At World of Duels, everyone can generate profit by playing their favorite games. More to that, we take pride of having the lowest match fee in the entire industry! as others takes about 20% and above, we like to keep it low and most profitable for you, the gamers.